Attendance requirement

Ibersid is a meeting of persons. Only papers that are to be defended in person by the authors can be accepted. Therefore, the submission of a paper proposal implies the commitment to present the paper in person, in situ or online. Please, do not submit a paper if you think that you will not be able to attend in either modality (physical or online). Contribute in this way to the quality of the events in Library and Information Science and to maintain its scientific and professional prestige.

Though we understand that an author may suffer a serious problem preventing him of attending the conference, the presentation of papers by other persons than their authors will not be allowed . In most cases, this results in boring presentations and serious discussion is not possible.

Participation certificates will only be issued  to those authors attending to the conference and standing for their contribution. Co-authorship certificates and the publications can be obtained throughout a co-author inscription modalitiy.

Maximun number of contributions by the same author in the current edition

No more than one paper by a first author will be accepted. A main author can be secondary author in no more than one additional paper.

Scientific review

Both the proposals and the final papers will be evaluated by two members of the scientific council or two external evaluators proposed by them. The authors can also propose competent international evaluators of acknowledged expertise in the field of their paper. The final papers must conform to the initial proposal. Any change must be approved by the reviewers.

Sending the conference related documents

The 1st of September is the deadline for submitting the PowerPoint presentations and any other material to be made available to the conference participants.