1. Fill your registration form offline and send it by mail, email or fax.
    2. Would your institution may require it, the VAT number of the University of Zaragoza is Q5018001G.
    3. Do a bank transfer to IBERSID in this account of the bank Ibercaja:
      1. swift:CAZRES2Z
      2. account number 2085 0168 52 03 000288 79
      3. Iban: ES94-2085-0168-5203-0002-8879
      4. Transfer costs must be paid by the sender.
    4. Send by e-mail, surface mail or to this fax number the following documents:
      1. A copy of the bank transfer receipt
      2. Registration form, in case you have not sent it online
      3. If you are applying for reduced price, a copy of a document that entitles you to it as a student or jobless professional
      4. In case that you or your institution needs a fiscal note, the receiver VAT number