Publication journals

Selected papers of the IBERSID conference has been published in the journal Scire, distributed in printed format by Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza, till 2006. Now only the Ibersid’s papers that are directly related to knowledge organization and representation are published in Scire. It is also being published in open access in the Internet.

From 2007, selected and peer-reviewed papers are published in its own journal “Ibersid: journal of information and documentation systems”, also distributed in printed format by Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza. They are also being published in open access. Papers related to knowledge organisation and representation keep being published in Scire.

Editorial process

Both journals are double-blind peer-reviewed and implement editorial quality control.

The papers and notes will be published in the same shape that the authors send them. No further editing or corrections will be done, though they can be suggested in the reviewing process. As it will be understood, the organization cannot publish papers with a poor writing, misspellings, or those that are not conformed to these editorial instructions. Authors are responsible for the translation and style correction management and costs.

Paper submission

Papers must be original and should have not more than 60.000 characters in the case of theoretical and completed research papers, and not more than 20.000 characters in the case of projects, experiences and short papers. Exceptionally, if very good reasons exist, this number of pages can be discussed with the organizing committe.

Authors must include a page apart with the name, position, organization, address, telephone, fax and email of every author of the paper.

The articles must be uploaded to the web sites of the journals Scire (papers related to knowledge representation and knowledge organization) and Ibersid (the rest ot them). They must be preceded by titles, informative abstracts and keywords in English and Spanish, and include the graphics and tables into the text in their proper place. Use the official template for layout, depending on the subject of your paper. The template includes detailed instructions and the journal policies for publication.