Aims and structure

IBERSID is an international forum arranged annually with the aim of facilitating a meeting point for professionals, researchers, teachers and students of the several disciplines related to Information and Documentation Science, and, indeed, everybody interested in identifying, analyzing and discussing the problems of our professional and scientific field in a rigorous, interdisciplinary, open and relaxed way.

The discussions focus on the concepts of information and documentation systems, which are seen as providing a common frame around which the different disciplines of Information and Library Science -archivists, bibliographers, librarians, information professionals, museum curators, information services managers, knowledge managers, etc.- can exchange views despite their distinctive and particular backgrounds.

So, under the concept of information and documentation systems are included libraries, information and documentation centres and units, archives, information management units, knowledge management departments, and the different specialized information services, all, of course, in their original and digital forms.

The approach adopted by the conference organizers is to identify problems of cross-cutting interest for all the disciplines and practices of Information and Library Science, in order to integrate and complement the various themes addressed in the conference by the various and specific disciplines.

The conference is structured in two kind of sessions:

Each year, the sessions can change according to the topics proposed by the scientific committee and the proposals of the speakers in the call for papers.

On many occasions, Ibersid includes a focused meeting on a current hot topic of interest. It also collaborates with other organizations in promoting satellite meetings.

Registration and related information

The information regarding registration dates, conference fees and procedures, and about location, accommodation, tours, etc., is available on the registration page.

Call for papers: presenting your contribution

If you want to make a contribution presenting your ideas and research results, visit the call for papers page.

Previous editions

You can find out about previous meetings, and thus get an understanding of style and content, by visiting the programmes page of past conferences.

Ibersid proceedings are available both in print and online: