Conference fees till 30th of June (contributors)

  • Contributors with publication proposal: 100 € (**)
  • Contributors without publication proposal (only oral presentation): 70 € (**)
  • Co-authors (***): 50 €

Conference fees till the 10th of September

  • Students with no income (except authors): 15 € (*)
  • Unemployed professionals (except authors): 35 €
  • Professionals (conference attendance): 70 €
  • Co-authors (***): 50 €

Conference fees after the 10th of September

  • Students with no income (except authors): 25 € (*)
  • Unemployed professionals (except authors): 40 €
  • Professionals (conference attendance): 80 €
  • Contributors with publication proposal: 110 € (**)
  • Co-authors (***): 60 €


  • 25€ per day

Authors: one paper, one professional fee

Each paper requires that authors pay enrolment fees. If a contributor who has already enrolled and paid fees is presenting with other collaborators a second paper, one of the other authors must enrol as participant and pay regular fees (no the co-author fee).

Bank transfer costs must be added to the conference fees.

The conference fees entitles the delegate to attend the Conference, the welcome documentation pack, the proceedings and a certificate of participation.

Publishing-oriented conference papers are available in the open online journals  Ibersid y Scire. The printed edition may be acquired in Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza.

(*) Registration as a student or as a temporarily unemployed professional is a grant above the costs that the conference organization must assume. Please, do not misuse this concession, and, specially, do not register as a student if you have enough resources from your professional activity or your patrimony. The organization tries to keep the fees as low as possible. This enrolment fee is only possible for attendance, not authorship.

(**) Persons presenting papers must be ready to be assigned to any session during the congress, as the schedule is organized thematically. Includes lunch this day (except i the virtual format).

(***) Other authors who want to participate and  receive a co-authorship certificate.