Oral presentations

Oral presentations are welcomed of projects that are not completed or have been previously published but need further discussion and dissemination. They will not result in articles in the conference collaborating journals

Please, send by email:

  • A highly specific title, in English and Spanish or Portuguese
  • A 500-word abstract in English and Spanish explaining the aims, methodology, results, discussion, conclusions, recommendations and bibliographic references.
  • 3 to 8 keywords in English and Spanish separated by dots.
  • If the paper is the presentation of published research, a link to it or a digital copy.
  • A document with the authors’ contact data, their ID or passport number, and the indication of whether they will attend the conference or not, and the author responsible of the presentation. Do not send copy of your ID or passport unless specifically requested.
  • Whether the contribution is to be submitted in person or online.