Conference fees till the 10th of September

  • Students with no income: 40 € (*)
  • Unemployed professionals: 60 €
  • Professionals: 120 € (**)
  • Professionals (single day): 60 € (***)
  • Co-author (****): 20 €

Conference fees after the 10th of September

  • Students with no income: 50 € (*)
  • Unemployed professionals: 70 €
  • Professionals: 130 € (**)
  • Professionals (single day): 65 €
  • Co-author (****): 25 €

The conference fees entitles the delegate to attend the Conference, the welcome documentation pack, the proceedings and a certificate of participation.

(*) Registration as a student or as a temporarily unemployed professional is a grant above the costs that the conference organization must assume. Please, do not misuse this concession, and, specially, do not register as a student if you have enough resources from your professional activity or your patrimony. The organization tries to keep the fees as low as possible.

(**) Includes lunch. Intention to attend lunch must be confirmed at the help desk at least two hours before.

(***) Persons presenting papers must be ready to be assigned to any session during the congress, as the schedule is organized thematically. Includes lunch this day.

(****) No-attending authors who want to receive the proceedings and a co-authorship certificate.