What is a poster

A poster is a large graphic presentation on a stiff paper, cardboard or plastic surface, which can be fixed in a wall. This medium provides an alternative presentation for scientific papers, which is very suitable for intensive graphic and numerical ones and for short communications of different kind.

Layout and measures

The posters must be send in a sufficient strong material, not higher than 140 cm or wider than 80 cm, with two eyes for hanging.

The organization provides 70 x 100 cm surfaces for non-returnable posters, but they must be asked for two weeks before. As the posters must be fixed with paste to the surface, they cannot be returned in their original shape.


The poster must follow this structure: title, authors (name, institution, city, country), aims and limits, methodology, results, discussion, conclusions and recommendations. The language must be predominantly graphic.


The poster should be read comfortably from a distance of two meters. Types must be of a suitable size and figures and tables must be clear. The layout must be harmonious with enough blank space around objects. Give a bigger letter size to titles and subtitles.


The posters must be send to the organization with a week in advance. The organization will place them, ordered by subjects -so that all the posters that are about the same topic can be discussed and read together- and, secondly, by the surname of the authors.

Public presentation

In the poster session, the different posters will be presented by the authors. After the poster tour, the session will remain open for discussion among the presenters and attendants.


Authors must send a digital version of the poster for publication, and can send a paper of five to ten pages for the proceedings following the proceedings instructions. A further note or a article for the journals Scire cor Ibersid an be submitted for evaluation according to the instructions for authors, similar to those of the proceedings.

Removal and return

The posters will be removed as soon as the conference ends, in a maximum of an hour. Authors can recover them as the posters are removed. In case that a poster is not reclaimed, it will be understood that the authors renounce it and will be disposed of. In special cases, when the authors cannot recover the poster personally, they can ask the organization to return them by post at their own cost, if the posters have not been fixed to a rigid surface, can be properly rolled and a rigid cylindrical box has been previously provided.